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Our business is founded on three pillars: IT Engineering & Systems Integration, IT Professional & Managed Services and Product Research & Development.

IT System Integration

As Systems Integrator (SI) to our global Tier 1 clients from Pharmaceuticals and IT industries, we provide infrastructure and software solutions (Storage Area Networks, Storage, Unix systems, Service Management, Service Delivery Management, Help Desk, Service Des, Web Services, Mobile Services) as well as Cloud and Managed Services. Our customers include Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Telecom and IT companies.

IT Professional & Managed Services

We provide professional & managed IT services to our clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan & India. We bridge successfully the cultural differences between our clients and off-shore IT outsourcing providers, so that our clients get the best value out of their off-shore outsourcing contracts.

Product Research & Development

Our Research & Development group develops new embedded IoT solutions for both consumer and enterprise markets. We are working on both consumer and enteprise products in various areas, such as self-service kiosks, embedded solutions, solar technology, off the grid systems.


Selected projects

Business Process Management: Testing & Development for large insurance group in Europe

Business Process Development & Testing

Pharmaceutical corporation IT: Incident Management Coordination

Process Optimization & False Incidents Reduction

Pharmaceuticals IT: Storage Hardware refresh for OPEX Savings

OPEX reduction



Sheerness Enterprises Limited is a privately owned limited liability company based in the UK and the Czech Republic, registered in England & Wales, company number 10348196.

Our vision is to be an independent technology and engineering solutions company that architects, designs, creates and implements our own cutting edge and innovative fit for the purpose solutions that are a viable alternative to the large corporate offerings.

Our mission is to inspire people to take control of their lives by providing them a rewarding alternative to a large corporate careers.

  • 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our founder, Leos Stehlik, started the Sheerness Enterprises company as his next business after he exited his previous business MOBILECONS Limited. Sheerness Enterprises became business partner to Tier 1 global Financial Services, IT and Pharmaceuticals companies. We quickly expanded from 0 to 5 contrators and employees in our first months.

  • December 2016

    Systems Integrator is Born

    At the very end of 2016, we started to make our long-term vision to happen to become a business partner & system's integrator to one of the largest Pharmaceuticals companies. We focus on Cloud, Storage, Unstructured Data and Archiving provided as a service. We are also in discussions with innovative & hungry technology partners, so that we provide best in class, agile and comercially competitive services to our customers.

  • January 2017

    Proving our Value Add

    In January 2017, we transition into the Proof of Concept phases of our business to prove our value to both our customers (OPEX savings, automation, integration, unstructured data) and as well to our technology partners.

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Our Leadership Team

Our people is what makes us great and amazing company. Meet our leadership team.

Leos Stehlik

Managing Director & Owner

Vasek Chalupnicek

Chief Technologist, Head of R&D

S. Munazza Younas

Head of Operations

Leos is an experienced IT Industry entrepreneur. Prior founding the Sheerness Enterprises, he owned other businesses and held senior leadership positions at Tier1 IT companies such as IBM and Fujitsu.

Vasek brings in wealth of expertise in Product Development, Software Architecture, Mobile Applications, Embedded Systems and Software Development as well as bringing new technology concepts to life.

Munazza brings in wealth of experience of the Pharmaceuticals industry. She holds a PharmDr. degree and previously she held positions in research & product development at Bayer, Head of Operations at Ideal Dental Lab and Chief Operations Officer at MOBILECONS.

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